Tuesday, October 12, 2010

So many choices, what to do??

My little biz is all about going green.  Our main focus right now is on cloth diapers... and, there are soooo many to choose from so how do we choose which to carry. Well, different diapers appeal to different people for different reasons.  Variety is the spice of life, but I figured I'd try to carry the big names that people know about first, but also the ones I have personally used on my little one.  So I went to the big guns - Fuzzi Bunz & Happy Heinys. I personally used Happy Heinys on my little one and LOVE the Happy Hempies, so I definitely wanted to carry those. But then I also wanted to carry other brands that are just as good, but, you don't hear a whole lot about (or at least so I thought), so I sourced Kushies, Bumkins, OsoCozy, Baby Kicks & Diaperaps (now Sage).  I have had the pleasure of using Kushies diaper cover and OsoCozy, Diaperaps & Baby Kicks fitted diapers.  They are all great for different reasons... and I will review each and every one of them in my upcoming blog posts.

There are soooo many other great geen products for babies outside of diapers, and I want to make those available and spread the good word to everybody who is willing to listen.  So, I found these awesome organic toys made by Dandelion which I am thoroughly thrilled about.  And what about baby skin care? We have some great skin care products from Natures Baby Organics, including certified organic zinc free diaper ointment that is safe for cloth diaper use!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend an industry expo with hundreds of infant and child manufacturers and I am VERY excited about the new stuff that I will be bringing to the store in the next week.  Here's a sneak peak: natural baby sunscreen, more organic toys, baby carrier, baby bottles, and more diapers!  So, stay tuned for the full scoop!

I'd love to hear from YOU!  Let me know what you would like to see in the store.  Thanks to your voice we have just added Planet Wise wet & wet/dry bags and pail liners.  So, your vote does count :)


  1. Bumgenius for sure! It's a staple in our house.

    We also love Softbums! It's one of the only AI2's that I love!

    Just tried a Blueberry OS in snaps and we are in love with it too!! Great fit!!

    For night time, we love Lollidoo Overnight EcoPockets and Little Comfort fitted diapers with Thirsties diaper covers.

    I also love a WAHM diaper called ittybittybums! They are fabulous AI2s!

  2. Just tried rumparooz and they are my new favorite!!!

  3. we use BumGenius too and we use Thirsties covers and pockets! Love them both!