Monday, October 18, 2010

Can a working mom really cloth diaper her kids?

In my cloth diapering journey, and specifically this new business journey, I have noticed that a lot of moms who cloth diaper their children are stay-at-home moms.  And a lot of moms say they're just too busy to cloth diaper... which begs the question, "can a working mom really cloth diaper her kids?".

Well, it all comes down to the perception that cloth diapering is this incredibly time consuming process.  Now, when my mom used to cloth diaper us, 30 years ago in Jamaica, it was definitely time consuming and physically stressful.  She has told me stories about having to wash the diapers by hand, putting them out in the sun to remove stains... and she didn't have a ton so she was doing this almost every day.  And having to do so when she got home from work too.  Well, last time I checked nobody is washing anything by hand anymore, so, if she could do it then, why can't I do it now? 

I know what it's like to come home from work, spend time playing with your child(ren), figure out what's for dinner, sit on the couch to rest your legs for just 5 minutes.  So why would anyone want to add another 10 mins to throw the dipes into the washing machine, and another 10 mins to put them in the dryer when they're done?  What I think it really comes down to is making that conscious decision to choose a healthier alternative to disposables. So, here's an idea... create a schedule, and let the machine run while you're doing other things.  If Tuesday is diaper day, then when you get home, drop those dipeys in the washing machine and then play with your kids.  Put the clean dipes in the dryer, and while it's drying go ahead make dinner.  Let laundry become a background process then it really doesn't interfere with everything else we have planned for our busy evenings. Or, better yet - let your husband do it ;)

If any working moms out there have tips about how they find the time to cloth diaper their little one(s), please share your experiences - leave a comment :)

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