Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A little something about the lady behind Eco Babies

I am currently an engineer with a large construction company here in the
DC metro area, but I hail from the beautiful island of Jamaica.  My cloth
diapering journey all began with a visit to the home of a colleague of
mine a couple of years ago who was pregnant with her first child.  She
told me proudly of how she planned to cloth diaper her child.  I had no
idea people still used cloth diapers.  My mother cloth-diapered both my
brother and I some 30+ years ago, and back then the diapers looked like
handkerchiefs.  I was impressed and intrigued by her zeal and when I
became pregnant in 2009 I decided to do some research into the matter for
myself.   The driving force behind my decision to cloth diaper was two-fold:
the environmental impacts and the cost savings.  "Green" is the buzz word
in my industry and I enjoy learning more about how we can each do our part
for a better environment.  My daughter is now 10 months old and I have
been cloth diapering her since she was about 2 weeks old. I decided to
open up my own natural baby store to share with others the cool healthy
and green products out there. At this time Eco Babies focuses on cloth
diapers, but I also carry natural and organic skin care items, as well as
organic plush toys.  In time, as my business grows, I will be introducing
more exciting green products.

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