Friday, October 22, 2010

Product Spotlight – Baby Kicks Fitted

Baby Kicks is based in Salisbury, MD, so they’re local to me.  I had the pleasure of meeting the Owner about 2 weeks ago and he is awesome.  I like his philosophy about the world of cloth diapers and I think his approach to this business is awesome – he’s all about having fun with it.
So let’s get down to the diapers.  Last week I shone the spotlight on an AIO.  This week we’re doing a one-size fitted diaper.  Some folks, when they first get into cloth diapers are like, “If there are these great AIOs out there, why even bother with anything else?”  Well for everything there is a reason, and let me tell you, if there’s one fitted diaper you should have in your stash this is IT!  So what do I love about these Baby Kicks organic fitteds? Well, first of all, they are a cotton/hemp blend diaper.  I LOVE HEMP!  And that’s not just because I’m JamaicanJ.  Hemp is a super soaking power house of a fabric, it dries quickly, though it has been said it absorbs more slowly that cotton.  From an environmental standpoint it requires less water to grow than cotton does.  And, it has anti-microbial properties.  So really, what’s there not to love.
Besides the hemp factor, they are VERY well made.  The stretch leg portion fits snuggly around any baby’s frame.  The snap feature is awesome! The snaps are colored, so the diaper is cute.  There are two rows of snaps at the waist and a row down the front which makes it easily adjustable to fit any size.  The way it is designed, it tucks into itself to fit smaller babies without looking all weird and bulky like some other one-size fits do (click here for demonstration).  And each diaper comes with a Joey Bunz hemp doubler.
So what about the cover?? Any cover will do, so just choose one you like and roll with it.
Personal testament to this diaper – I use this as my night-time diaper for my baby girl.  I double stuff it with hemp inserts and put a layer of microfleece (from Happy Heinys) on top to wick the moisture away from my baby’s butt.  That girl sleeps the whole night through – 10 straight hours easily.  And to top it off, when she gets up in the morning, the diaper doesn’t have that soaked feeling that a cotton prefold usually has… it’s as if it started drying out during the night.  How great is that!  I LOVE these diapers!
Try out the Baby Kicks Organic One-Sized diaper out with your favorite cover. You will be amazed! 

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