Thursday, October 14, 2010

Product Spotlight – Kushies All-In-One diapers


Update 4/24/11:
Kushies isn't exactly the most popular brand out there. And I've had a bunch of these value packs in stock for some time and they just don't move off the shelves as quickly as their covers do, or the BG Elemental AIOs do.  So, I decided to try out the diapers on my little one.  And you know what, they're really not horrible.  They are pretty light.  The doubler that's stitched in I discovered is a little long, but, I think they make it that way so you can fold it at the free end - up front for boy, in the middle to back for girls, to give extra absorbency where they need it most...which I like.  The diaper itself is very absorbent.  I've been using Baby Kicks One Size Hemp diapers as my go-to night-time diaper, double stuffed with hemp doublers.  Well, one night those were all in the wash, so I decided to use the Kushies AIO, and you know what.  It held up VERY well.  No leaks!  So that was a nice surprise.  The absorbent layer of the diaper does in fact soak up quite a lot.  The velcro tab hasn't given me problems yet.  

What didn't I like about it? Well, there are no leg gussets which I think would make this a better diaper for runny poop.  The waist didn't get as close a fit as you would get with a cover/insert combo... so I can foresee possible leakage there.  But that was it.  This is honestly not a bad diaper.  

In any case, I have discounted it to make some room for new stock, so, it's an even better value for money now.  Coming in at $9.40 per diaper.  That's unheard of for an AIO. Making it an even better option for the budget conscious mom.  

Try them out today... you won't get a better deal elsewhere... and when they're gone, that's it!

Kushies is a Canadian based company that manufactures a whole array of items for baby.  We carry a number of their products because, they’re good, they’re cute and they’re economical . 
What I like about the Ultra-Lite AIOs is that they are very light.  A lot of times diapers tend to be heavy and bulky, but, these are made to be a little lighter, even though they are made with 6 layers of 100% cotton flannel making them able to still absorb a lot of liquid.  Though these AIOs don’t have pockets, they come with a cotton soaker stitched in at one end, which means they’ll wash well and dry quickly.  Also, because the soaker is stitched in that way, one could easily stick a doubler in under the soaker for a heavy wetter or for night time use.  Hook and loop closure (velcro) makes the diaper easy to put on.
Another good thing about these diapers is that they only come in 2 sizes – infants (10 to 22lbs) and toddler (22 to 45lbs).   We’re selling the 5 diaper value pack for $55 for the infant size and $62 for the toddler size, which means these AIOs are $11-$12 a piece! That’s an excellent price for an AIO.  The value pack makes a great investment for first time cloth diaper users and comes in an assortment of fun colors and prints.  
So, let’s summarize the pros and cons for the Kushies Ultra-Lite All-In-One Diaper:
Pros: inexpensive, light, only 2 sizes, cute colors/prints, quick dry, no cover required

Cons: won’t fit a baby under 10lbs; no leg gussets
Looks like the pros out-weigh the cons, so, try them today

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