Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Product Review - Nature's Baby Organics Skincare

Many moms, like myself, are constantly looking for all-natural products for their precious bundles of joy.  I decided that I needed to add a line of products to my store offerings that would satisfy this need.  There are so many things out there in the market place, but when I saw the great reviews that Nature's Baby Organics have received, and realized that I could actually read the ingredients on the bottle, I figured this would be the brand for me.  I currently carry their shampoo/body wash, conditioner/detangler, chest rubbaby oil, fragrance-free moisturizer and diaper cream in the store.  They come in great scents and the majority of the items are certified Organic by the USDA - that is 95% of their ingredients have to be Organic. The ones that aren't USDA certified have about 70% organic ingredients.  Regardless, there are no harsh chemicals in these products which make them healthy for children and adults alike.

Enough with the advertising right, what's my personal experience with these products?  Ok, so, I haven't yet used the shampoo, conditioner or baby oil, as we're still trying to get through all the shampoo and such that we got as gifts when my baby was born 13 months ago. But, I have used the chest rub, moisturizer, and diaper cream.  The diaper cream is great because it doesn't contain zinc, which makes it safe for us cloth diapering moms to apply to our little one's tushies without having to put a liner on in the fear that it will coat our diapers and render them useless.  And, it has worked for my daughter.  I had a bunch of another popular diaper ointment product that we got from the baby shower also, which comes pretty much standard in all "bath sets".  I tried it with the liner (because it contains zinc), and it was horrible.  If anything, I thought it made her diaper rash worse.  So I'll definitely stick with the NBO diaper cream.

I've tried the moisturizing lotion, and it is great.  I've actually been using it on myself because I have horrible allergies, and some of the lotions on the market come with this perfume scent, which has me sneezing as soon as I apply it.  The fact that this moisturizer is fragrance free makes it great for me not to have that offensive perfumy smell that irritates my nose.  And with the natural ingredients, it protects my skin. It is a little thinner in consistency than some lotions, like cocoa butter, which makes it easy to go on. 

And I think everyone in my house has tried the chest rub.  We have been assaulted this winter with colds.  My husband brought it home back in November.  It's January and I'm still battling it.  I think mine may have mutated to something else. Horrible.  And my poor 1 yr old who can't take any medicine is stuck coughing, having a runny nose, sooo congested that she's breathing with her mouth open.  Horrible.  Even my mom is still wrestling with it.  So, pretty much every night we've been using the chest rub so that we can get some sleep.  It's a eucalyptus rub that is a strong yet not offensive smell. And let me tell you, when you're so clogged up that you can't smell anything, having that eucalyptus open you up without it being overpowering is a beautiful thing.  It's a small container, but 3 of us have been using it for the past 2 months, and it's still got a long way to go.

Needless to say I am looking forward to using the other products carried by NBO, especially because the shampoo & conditioner comes in a choice of scents: vanilla-tangerine and lavender-chamomile, which as you can imagine is great for night-time baths for baby.  And the baby oil comes in mandarin-coconut.  They all smell quite lovely, not perfumy, not irritating to my nose. 

Because all these products are made with all natural ingredients, they are great for folks with sensitive skin, so this is definitely an option worth considering.  Yes, the products are a little more expensive than your typical Johnson & Johnson products, but, premium ingredients will cost more than cheap chemicals any day.  And that's the bottom line.

Please feel free to share your personal experience with Nature's Baby Organics products.

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