Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stainless Steel Baby Bottles??? I've never seen that before

Everyone's heard of Dr. Brown's and Avent baby bottles, and till recently the only choices of materials for bottles have been plastic or glass.  Glass bottles tend to be more difficult to find of late and the biggest concern of plastic bottle is BPA.  On the scene comes the stainless steel baby bottle.  Recently we've seen a rise in stainless steel water bottles as people become more environmentaly aware and don't want to use the plastic bottles that just end up getting tossed.  The question then is, as we translate this to a baby bottle, what's so great about stainless steel? And is it safe for baby? Does it make a good baby bottle?  The answers, a resounding YES, stainless steel baby bottles are safe and stainless steel makes a great baby bottle.

Here's the thing about stainless steel. It is a very durable and strong material.  It will neither crack nor break, which is great for when your baby starts trying to feed themself, or just become curious about the bottle.  You can rest assured that it won't crack open on the floor.  Another great thing is that stainless steel won't scratch.  This means that there is no chance of bacterial growth on the bottle itself, making it safer for the baby.  Also, stainless steel is not plastic, so no fear of BPA.

Because steel is a better conductor of heat than plastic is, it will warm up a lot quicker than a plastic bottle would.  Since steel lacks the transparency of plastic or glass, these particular bottles were designed such that the cover doubles as a measuring cup, so you can still measure how many ounces of water of milk will go in the bottle.  This cover also fits a stroller cup holder very well, which is a great place to put some snacks for the baby while on the go.  The markings on the bottle won't rub off like they do on most plastic bottles either.

The brand of stainless steel baby bottles being sold by Eco Babies is OrganicKidz.  They come in 3 sizes - 4oz wide mouthed, 9oz wide mouthed, and 9 oz narrow mouthed bottles.  The wide-mouthed bottles are GREAT because it makes washing the bottle so much easier as it receives a bottle brush better than most other bottles.  The 9-oz narrow necked bottle is actually a thermal bottle, i.e it is made with 2 layers of stainless steel with a layer of air in between creating a natural insulation.  This bottle can keep milk warm for up to 6 hours.  Which is great because you can take the bottle with you for a day out without having to pack the warmer for the car.

OrganicKidz is also coming out with a sippy cup top for the bottles so your stainless steel bottle will convert into a sippy cup when your baby is ready.  This makes the bottle a great investment.  It is an investment as the bottles aren't as cheap as the plastic bottles are, but, because they are so durable they will last for mutliple children and are worth it.  And, since they are 100% recyclable they are earth friendly, which we at Eco Babies just LOVE.  And we believe you'll love them too!

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