Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why I love Diaperaps/Sage Fitted Hemp Cloth Diapers

Diaperaps, now known as Sage, is not an incredibly popular brand of cloth diapers, but, I decided to try them out anyway.  And you know what, I love them.  Diaperaps makes a fitted hemp diaper with snap closures.  Their system only comes in 2 sizes as the snaps on the waist are positioned in such a way that it can expand and contract for a broader fit.  It comes with a doubler that snaps in at the back (you can see the snaps on my baby girl's tushie in the pic below). And because the doubler only snaps in on one side you don't have to unsnap it when you do the laundry. 

I love the fact that it is a hemp diaper - I'm a big fan of hemp personally because of its super absorbent powers over cotton, and its low maintenance requirements for growth which is great from an environmental standpoint.  Because of hemp's super absorbent properties the diaper is thinner than a cotton diaper, and yet has the ability to absorb more moisture.  The hemp fabric is also quite luxurious to the touch, and very breathable so I'm sure my daughter feels super comfortable in this diaper.

The diaper also fits her bum very well.  The material is so soft that is easily conforms to her body which is especially great now that she's running around.  I took these pics of her right before she was about to get a bath so I usually don't have her running around without a cover, but, I don't know, this little diaper reminds me of a loin cloth - I think it's so cute. 

Try one out today.  You just might find that the unpopular can actually be quite nice.

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