Wednesday, August 10, 2011

GroVia Hybrid Diaper Review - Part 1 - The Cloth Option

GroVia is a very popular cloth diapering brand, well known because of its trim fit and for being very cute.  The GroVia hybrid diaper is a one-size-fits-all diaper, that allows the user the option of using a washable cloth insert, or a disposable insert. See part 2 for the disposable insert review.

The shell, as it is called, is the waterproof layer and, according to GroVia, can be used with a prefold as an insert if needs be.  The shell is lined on the inside with mesh, which I believe aids in breathe-ability, as well as helps in catching any stray poop that may have wandered off the soaker insert.  The cotton soaker is contoured with side walls and reminds me very much of a maxi pad.  The soaker has a waterproof backing and a snap at either end which snaps directly into the shell, so no movement allowed.

One really big benefit of the snap-in cotton soaker is a smaller wash load.  Let's say that GroVia hybrid is your main system used at home, then your wash load is cut down to a bunch of maxi pad-sized inserts, with a few shells.  So your load should be lighter and will therefore need a smaller volume of water to wash, and less time to dry.

So how did it work for me? True to form, the diaper is a trim fit - no bubble butt here! And super cute! Absorbency was slightly lacking for my toddler. Fortunately, GroVia sells a stay-dry booster which for us increased the absorbency of the diaper a good 50% - for my kid, without the booster gives her 2 hours of dry time, with it 3-4 hours before leaking occurred.  In all fairness she does drink a lot more than she eats right now, so, she may pee more than the average child. Even with the booster the diaper was still trim, hence there is still room for another booster if really needed.  As for poop, it holds very well - no leakage there!

All in all, I like the GroVia, I like the concept, I like the fit, I would just recommend getting the stay dry boosters as needed for your baby.  Shells are sold separately from inserts.  Cloth inserts and boosters are sold in packs of 2.

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