Tuesday, May 24, 2011

An experiment with gDiaper Disposable Inserts & random covers

Last Thanksgiving I tried using the gDiaper with disposable inserts on my trip back home, and hated it.  A couple of weeks ago at the Celebrate Mama event I had someone ask me if they could just use a disposable insert with any cover.  This wasn't the first time I have heard this question, and I usually say that each disposable insert is made specifically to fit the manufacturer's cover, so I wouldn't advise it, though, I'm sure you could try.  Two weekends ago I drove up to NJ to visit some family who were visiting from Jamaica.  I had an open pack of gDiaper inserts left over from last year so I thought to myself, hmm.... this would be a good time to conduct a little experiment.  I didn't want to open up a brand new pack of GroVia inserts for my little overnight trip, so, I thought, let's see how these g-inserts will work with my Gen-Y, Bumkins & Happy Heinys OS cover.

The quick answer.... miserably.  Becca leaked all weekend.  I definitely had to increase the frequency of the changes, and this is why.  It's not that the insert didn't fit into any of the covers, because they did... I was concerned they'd be too wide or too long, but, that wasn't an issue.  It kinda came back to the same reason I didn't like them in the first place.  You know how when your baby pees in their cloth diaper the pee wicks throughout the diaper and everything gets soaking wet? Well, with the g-inserts, they don't do that!  Becks peed, and it just stayed in one place, isolated in the front.  It never permeated through the entire pad.  And when the front was soaked through, it had no place to go but outside the cover.  I wonder why it does that?

Of the 3 covers I used, I must say the Bumkins did the best, while the other two tied... and this has nothing to do with how good the cover is seeing that I don't usually have leaks in any of these covers, it was just the fit.  If you think about it the covers are usually over a relatively bulky diaper right?that is, relative to this insert.  So, when I put the insert in the cover that would usually fit snug over a cloth diaper, the cover fit pretty loose over the insert.  Meanwhile, my Bumkins cover tends to fit very snug usually, and so I think it was able to contain the pee a little better in this situation.

Conclusion?  Still hating the gDiaper.  If you ever thought to do this on a trip, don't bother.  Stick to the system that the insert is made for unless it says it is interchangeable with another, as most cloth inserts tend to be.  And the worst part is, I still have g-inserts left - what to do!


  1. This is something I've really wondered about, how interchangeable brands are. Thankfully we were able to successfully use disposable gDiaper inserts with Flip covers, but I'll be sure to avoid using them with the other brands you mentioned!

  2. The inserts will not work unless there in something snug up to your baby. You could try a cover that is to small to go over a cloth diaper but still fits around babies legs. If you had issues with them in gdiapers you probably didn't have the gdiaper on right. The two bigest mistakes are not getting the gpouch all the way up in the crease of there legs or your putting it on to tight and breaking the seal. We use gdiapers and have never had a leak with diposable inserts. Maybe an occasional leak with gcloth but still very rare.