Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Product Review: Cloth Wipes & Aleva Naturals Bamboo Wipes

In the cloth diapering world very few moms rely on disposable wipes that can be purchased at the supermarket. The truth is you never really know what's in them, and when you think of having to buy them on a weekly basis the cost can add up.  Cloth diapering moms tend to be environmentally friendly, health conscious and thrifty, so, in our normal every day we use cloth wipes.  If you're a cloth diapering mom that is washing her own diapers then using cloth wipes is really just an extension of that.  They go in your wet bag and get washed with the soiled diapers.

I see many moms talking about using some excess fabric, or running down to their local fabric store and making their own cloth wipes.  That's perfectly fine and quite noble, but, the rest of us purchase cloth wipes from their diaper retailer as many cloth diaper manufacturers do make cloth wipes.  What sets the pre-made wipes apart from the do-it-yourself wipe? Well, the really good wipes out there are double-sided - one side is a regular smooth cotton which is great for wiping up pee, and the other side is a fleece which is textured, which makes is great for the peanut-buttery poop that comes along when baby is eating purees.  For me, my cloth wipes do everything.  If baby's nose is running, I grab a wipe.  If she spills some milk, or has food on her chin, I grab a cloth wipe. So, they tend to be multi-purposed.

So, why buy Aleva Naturals bamboo wipes? Well, it's a great alternative to the brand-name disposable wipes because it contains only natural ingredients that are soothing for your baby's butt.  Each wipe is super soft yet very strong (I haven't had one disintegrate in my hands yet), they contain aloe vera, chamomile, tea tree oil & lavender oil and because of that smell awesome!  They're hypo-allergenic, contains no sulfates, parabens, alcohol or chlorine.  This is truly an all natural wipe.  Best of all, they are 100% biodegradable - so, flush them away guilt free.  I use these wipes in my diaper bag.  So when I'm out I don't have to worry about having enough cloth wipes with me, especially if baby makes a poopy, I can just toss the wipes, rather than walking around with the smelly wipes - cause you know to get off the sticky poop you'll need multiple wipes :)

So, cloth wipes are great! Bamboo wipes are great!  I use them both, and you should too :)

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